Naupaka Maui X Decal
Naupaka Maui X Decal

Maui X Decal

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Represent Maui with the original MAUI X decal. This decal is handmade by Lauren and designed by Nick (Printable Aloha Co.). Once applied, only the design will remain on your desired surface (there's no clear border).

Size: 4x4 in

Outdoor vinyl (glossy finish), clear transfer tape for easy application

Vehicle decal, water bottle sticker, laptop decal, any non food surface

This is a permanent decal. Carefully place decal in its intended place and do not remove. Gently rinse over decal when hand washing the item it's applied to. To extend the life of your decal do not use soap near it.

--Not intended for food surfaces. Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.--

Decals are securely shipped in a reinforced cardboard media envelope and are assigned tracking numbers.

1. Clean application area with alcohol and allow to dry
2. Slowly and carefully peel the clear transfer tape away from blue paper at a 45 to 180 degree angle. The image should come off with the transfer tape. If the image sticks to the blue paper, gently place the clear tape back and rub the image back onto the tape.
3. Apply the Decal to the desired area. The clear transfer tape will allow you to see exact placement.
4. Using a credit card, drivers license, old gift card, etc. rub the entire transfer tape with the card to adhere the decal to the desired surface.
5. Slowly peel away the transfer tape at a 45-180 degree angle to reveal your placed decal. If the decal sticks to the transfer tape, gently place the transfer tape back and rub the decal area again.


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