Make Homeostasis Great Again White Enamel Mug with Tank Ink (Mugs ship free!)

By Naupaka

Every happy camper in homeostasis needs a unique camper mug. It's lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favorite beverage or a hot meal, and attach it to your bag for easy access on a hike.

If You Know, You Know!

Homeostasis- the innate state of balance and stability achieved through an unrestricted body and mind. The body is in neither fight nor flight mode but just blissfully and successfully "is". During homeostasis, one is not easily rattled by outside forces.

* Please allow 5-9 days for your mug to be printed just for you!

Mugs ship free!

• Material: Enamel
• Dimensions: height 3.14″ (8 cm), diameter 3.25″(8.25 cm)
• White coating with a silver rim
• Hand-wash only
• NOT microwave safe

Attention! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug—it can damage the coating.