It's that time of year again... summer is wrapping up, school supplies have made their way to our favorite box stores and school open house notices are making their way to your mailbox. You may have heard of gifting during Teacher Appreciation Week but it's also becoming popular to gift "Back To School" gifts to teachers as well.

The Eco-friendly and zero or low waste movement is really moving forward and catching traction. Most people are aware of the movement and appreciate the idea of being less wasteful and minimizing single use plastics.

Giving an Eco-friendly gift is a solid gift giving choice. I try to give purposeful and functional gifts as often as possible- especially in situations like finding a "Back To School" gift as compared to shopping from an established wish list.

Here's a round up of some great eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle gift ideas that any recipient would love.

1.) Reusable Organic Cotton Napkin Set ($24)

2.) Reusable Silicone Straw Set ($10.99)
Back To School Gifts 2019

3.) Reusable Produce Bags ($15.35)
Eco Friendly Zero Wase Teacher Gifts

4.) Reusable Bees Wax Food Wraps Set of 3 ($21)
Bee Akamai Wraps for Back to School Gifts

Made on Maui! Bees wax eco wraps are perfect zero waste solutions to plastic wrap or plastic baggies.

5.) Beautiful and Simple Coffee Mug ($22 + free shipping!)
Beautiful and Simple- Buy Now
Designed on Maui. "A gentle reminder to pause, take care of yourself, & do something that fills your spirit. This can look like a cup of coffee and a deep breath or a cup of tea and a great conversation with a friend."


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July 23, 2019 — Lauren Manwill

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