Our signature shirt, the "I don't co-parent with the government" tee-shirt was created by Lauren on a whim, the night before a local sign holding rally in Maui County, Hawaii.

The county had decided to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for students in order to play sports. A large community response was initiated as residents in Maui County gathered in front of the Department of Education building. Hundreds of residents showed in to hold signs and represent our stance on the matter. It was a peaceful gathering that grew in numbers, enthusiasm and influence over the next few weeks.

As for the "I don't coparent with the government" shirt design, Lauren made it on a whim at midnight after she finished making all her signs for the rally. She couldn't find her screen printing materials so she macgyvered a squeegee with an XL popsicle stick! This was her first attempt at screen printing- ever!

The I don't co-parent with the government shirt received a lot of positive attention during the rallys and Lauren decided to add the shirt to her inventory at Naupaka Store. The demand was so high, she couldn't keep them stock! Lauren would spend hours printing shirts as fast as she could after the kids went to bed and on the weekends when Nick would take the boys out to the Maui Ocean Center or parks to spend the day out. Eventually, the demand was greater than what Lauren could keep up and she hired a local print shop (who shared the same views!) to take care of printing. Phew! We've now sold thousands of shirts and we aren't stopping yet!

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