Naupaka Artisan Soap Gingerbread Soap | Handmade on Kaua'i | All Natural

Gingerbread Soap | Handmade on Kaua'i | All Natural

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This seasonal soap is infused with locally grown Kaua'i ginger powder, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla and activated charcoal.


Scented with ginger, vanilla and nutmeg essential oils, this bar is inspired by a favorite holiday flavor. 


Zero waste, plant based and all-natural handmade Hawaiian soap, made on Kaua’i with aloha!



  • coconut oil, olive oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide*, sea salt, essential oils, and plant ingredients


    *when soap is made using natural methods, sodium hydroxide is required to solidify the oils into bar form. there is no other way of achieving a solid bar soap. however, the sodium hydroxide undergoes a reaction with the oils and is no longer present at the end of the proces

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