Where I buy freeze dried food for my emergency food prep

Emergency Prep food might be on your mind lately as we hear about impending foot shortages, supply chain crashes, and looming inflation. In the name of preparedness, I have started calmly building a stockpile of food for our family and you can too!

I found Legacy Food Storage when I was searching for economical ways to build our prep stash at home. Legacy Food Storage offers a large array of freeze dried and sealed foods. The best part is that Legacy Food Storage already packs their foods in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers- so you don't have to worry about fiddling with long term storage- they already handled it! Just buy the food and secure your food in a rodent proof bucket at home!

I have previously signed up for the subscribe and save options for freeze dried chicken and freeze dried beef bags. I liked that I could commit to a set $$ amount of monthly investing in our food security and not have to think about it again or do any of the legwork required to freeze dry and preserve meats.

Eventually, I'd like to get my own freeze drying machine but until then, I am fortunate to have Legacy Food Storage to fulfill that need for me.

Why should you consider freeze dried meats?

You should consider freeze dried meats in your prep stash because of their space saving ability and ease of use. I imagine if there ever is a time we are having to get into our emergency food stash, we would be making the most cost effective meals to stretch as far as possible, and for me, that means soups and stews! Adding a few scoops of freeze dried chicken or beef to a stew or chili would be a very easy way for me to prepare a nutrient dense meal for my family during tough times.

Additionally, I try to think about my children's preferences and comfort levels during hypothetical emergencies that would require us to dip into our emergency food storage. I'm sure times may be stressful and having the comfort or variety of meals may really help boost morale. I know for a fact we would all be getting tired of eating rice and beans after a prolonged amount of time.

Each 1lb bag of freeze dried chicken and beef contains 19 servings of meat and it retains a shelf life of 10-15 years! All you need to add is water to reconstitute the chicken.


Freeze Dried Meats for Emergency Prep Food


Freeze Dried Beef

Freeze Dried Diced Beef $99

Have you added freeze dried meats to your emergency preparedness food stash? Why, or why not? You or your kids might get tired of beans!

I am not currently an affiliate with Legacy Food Storage. If you make a purchase with them through my links, I will not earn a commission. I simply want to share some great resources with you!

January 28, 2022 — Lauren Manwill

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