There have been multiple threats to our modern + industrialized food system. Political sanctions, “natural" disasters, and inflation are blows to our food security. Our farmers need diesel to run their tractors. Take charge of your own food security and shortening your supply chain by learning how to grow your own food.
To start growing your own food, you'll need seeds! Seeds are an inexpensive way to start growing your own food. You can also buy starts from local nurseries or local hardware stores too (they often buy from local nurseries too).
Starting from seed is my preferred method because that assures me full control of how my plant grows. I know the soil and growing conditions my food has come from. When you buy a "start" (a juvenile plant) you don't always know if it's been treated with pesticides or herbicides or the soil used.
I like to buy my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Johnny's Seeds. Both are non-GMO seeds. Johnny's has a large selection and Baker Creek has some really fascinating heirloom seeds (and the basics too)!
I've had successful germination rates from these seed companies and in the past my local farmers ordered their seeds from these companies too.
A fun alternative is to attend a local seed swap or to trade with your friends!

Johnny's Seeds

start a garden buy seeds
asparagus from johnnys seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

baker creek yellow pear tomato seeds
mini blue corn heirloom seeds
March 18, 2022 — Lauren Manwill
Tags: homestead

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