All Natural, Dye and Paraffin Free, Waldorf Inspired 100% Beeswax Modeling Wax by Harrison's Imagination Wax


Harrison's Imagination Wax is an all natural modeling wax made from 100% beeswax. This modeling wax won't dry out like other doughs, draw heat from the hands like clay or leave behind a mess. The pleasant and all natural aroma of honeycomb gently reminds you of this reusable molding wax origins- the hive!

Waldorf inspired imagination wax, made for encouraging patience and calmness during creative expression.

Beeswax modeling wax is a popular tool used in Waldorf School settings but it's gaining popularity in the homeschool and unschool world. Take Harrison's Imagination Wax on your next road trip or use it to keep little hands occupied and minds focused when dining out. Feeling stressed? Many adults enjoy shaping and fidgeting with modeling wax to decompress or manage stress. There's something satisfying about making a dozen tiny perfect cubes.. ask Lauren!

To use: Warm a piece of the Imagination Wax between your hands or in a bowl of warm water (gently pat dry). Now let your imagination take the lead! Our modeling wax is pliable when it's warm but hardens and holds its creative shape when cooled.

Enhance: Listen to songs or tell stories while you warm the Waldorf inspired wax in your hands. Bring what you see in your mind and heart to life with the imagination wax. Display your figures, give as a present to friends or family. Imagination Wax can be in its shape as long as you desire then played again.

Take care: Protect your medium or masterpiece from sunlight to prevent color fading.

Why we love it: When a child plays with Imagination Wax they are partaking in a multi sensory experience. The child can warm the wax in between their hands, then squeeze and pinch the wax into their desired shapes using their fine motor skills. All while they are smelling the sweet and gentle aroma of the beeswax modeling wax.

Why it's different: Harrison's Imagination Wax does not contain ANY paraffin wax, artificial fragrance, or artificial dyes.

100% Beeswax, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Lanolin, Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder for Pigment

Weight: 0.5 oz Hexagon Piece


I've heard of modeling clay! This is the same thing, right?

The difference between beeswax and clay is clay draws warmth and moisture away from your body taking away peace and calming from the activity.

Can I eat it?

While the ingredients in Harrison's Imagination Wax are non toxic, you shouldn't eat this wax. We advise against eating, chewing, and tasting the modeling wax.

Can I store the colors together?

Once the different waxes have cooled and hardened, you can store the colors together. Do take care to not squish them together however.

Harrison's Imagination Wax was founded by an eight year old boy and his mama when he was looking for a clever handicraft to make and sell at his Homeschool Co-Operative's Holiday Market in 2020. Thanks for supporting a child's first business venture!

USA made

Disclaimer: Adult supervision required. Products that contain small parts may pose as a choking hazard and should not be used by children under 3. By purchasing this product you are acknowledging and agreeing to these terms of use. If you have further questions please contact Harrison's Imagination Wax.