MINI Herbal Tea Ball - Naturally Caffeine Free - Makes 1 cup of tea


Flower Herbal tea ball 

Flowering Herbal Tea balls consist of a bundle of dried flowers. These are made by binding flowers together into a bulb, then setting them to dry.

Mini Herbal tea ball benefits: Rose Buds:  Glowing skin & Sleep Golden Chrysanthemum:  Detox, Good for eyes & liver Lily:  Helps cough, Detox, relieves dry throat, sleep Mixed Flowers:  Detox, Diet support & overall health Brewing method: 1. Rinse Once Before Brewing for Ultimate Flavor 2. Place One Ball in a tea cup 3. Fill the Teapot with boiling water of 212 F (100 C) 4. Watch it unfurl and drink up in good health! 5. Let tea steep approx. 5 min.